Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Faith & Reason

Each individual has their own beliefs (or "disbelief" in the case of atheists, lol), and here I am no different from any other.
I'm not a fan of a belief in supernatural phenomena based solely on personal and 
individual experience , by contrast, I believe in something tangible that's recorded since the early days in the Holy Scriptures. 

Contrary to what many think, the faith is not merely mystical, but it goes hand in hand with reason. Faith by definition is the belief that something is not seen, but expected, and it seems that faith is totally in contrast to the reason, but it may be noted that the reason is the "root of faith." Because if someone does not understand something then you can not believe in that something.

I understand that faith has a spiritual origin, but in relation to human behavior, it acts making we face what we expect as a living reality and immutable. For this, we start from the principle that complete faith in the gaps that the reason still does not answer why.

That is, religious belief shows a beginning, middle and end, so rational, and faith works by transforming theories into facts to those who believe.

Therefore, faith and reason should rather be allies in the understanding of life, helping them to each other.


Thursday, September 30, 2010


Oh oh, what about the "gospel world"?

Before anything, I make it clear that in any case, it's a big mistake to atack a entire group because of the actions of some members of this group, so my comments refer to these members (that aren't few cases) and not at all. 

Clearing the facts, let's analyze them..

The word gospel is used in Brazil and means "evangelho" in ortuguese, and today has been used in many types of media and products. There are companies that specialize in these evangelicals' products, and evangelicals specialized in buying these products. (...) 

On TV we can find various products targeted for the public "gospel", let alone the artists of this medium, which in many cases don't need to have any minimal musical quality, but know how to use the right words at the right place. . No, I'm not talking anything illegal and secret, but the "Gospel's words" that make success among evangelicals. 
Words like "anointing," "Victory," "Fire", "refund" and many others, replace "repentance" "humility", "sacrifice" and some others who "went out of fashion" .. 
There are programs targeted exclusively to the public gospel, where these words are said so many times and many blessings can be bought over the phone. 
You get to the point of saying that you should to determine things, and God will do what you set. Believe that God determined everything from the beginning of the world seems absurd unprecedented, but what WE determine HE will do (no no no...) 

I could show yet the bishops, priests, apostles, "demigods" and others that have been raised as "men of God," full of authority to do great things, but it's strange, because without the tenth of your sheep they can not do anything...

Yeah, Christianity is based on a document as "antiquated" as the bible, there is news every day in the churches. There are many manifestations "in the name of god", where people crawl like animals, jumping like that possessed people and they speak confusing languages that no one translates

Maybe if everyone remembered the simplicity of the "founder" of Christianity, this mess would not exist. To remember that He walked among the outcasts of society and was friendly with them, they would realize that the "gospel little world" is bizarre, and the social reality in which nothing changes with the existence of a closed group together, which has no influence on the lost. 

May God watch over us all and let's be imitators of Christ, and not mere evangelical ..



This is the initial question of the orkut profile, but surely there's no answer so easily ..

In short, I am a confused guy, full of unique characteristics and avoidant fashion and all kind of delimitation of my freedom. But trying to always be natural and have a good mood ... 

I am a Christian but not a fanatic. I defend what I believe, but do not attack those who do not believe. Each one has their beliefs, I respect, but I also believe that we learn from each other and we can change our concepts, because I'm living proof.

I'll Try to pass through this blog some thoughts and information relevant (or not) to whom the disposal read .. I do not know how often able to do the updates, but the fate will tell it .. 

All are welcome!


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